Abdur Razzaq Best Innings

Abdurrazzaq bests

Abdur Razzaq is found to be the best All-Rounder for Pakistan. Abdurrazzaq bests provide an entertainment for cricket lovers. This is one of his best innings in his life. Paul collingwood bowls the first ball to Razzaq and misses it into the keeper hand for a dot delivery. That delivery turned and bounced too. Another ball picked up by Razzaq and goes big over the long on for six more runs. We were considering it a catch for a while but the ball was hanging on on on on and on and into the crowd for six so the rehearsal work quite well for Razzaq. That was a massive blow from him from where Pakistan just came back into the game from this confident shot. This time drive straight for a single.

There he goes again over the long on for another huge six into the side screen. This was the 3rd six from him when it comes to hitting, he is the clean hitter of the ball. Another slower ball for two more runs. Pakistan are 118/5 and needs another 31 runs from just 24balls. This is not difficult when Razzaq is on crease. After that Bresnan and Broad bowled well and bowled to Razzaq this time for a single.This time Bresnan bowled the full length yorker for a single. Again for a single straight to the fielder and then Razzaq makes a quick double runs and now the match situation is 14 needed from just 10 and Razzaq is on 33 from 15. Bresnan bowled a leg cutter slow delivery Razzaq waited for it and sweetly punches it into the stands.At last a leading edge shot to deep long on and the fielder catches it while making the die on the ground for a good showing catch.


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