Afridi Biggest Six Ever

Afridi biggest six

Shahid Afridi played a 12 runs Six versus New Zealand. He played that six to Fleming by touching the ball to the roof that covered the Cricket Stadium from very much above. As the Afridi hits the ball in the air the ball was flying and hence touch the upper roof and Umpires calls it Double Six. This is the Afridi biggest six ever. The five thousand prize money stayed this evening. Bowler coming and bowl to Afridi. The ground is located in sydney Australia. And is covered from above and have a protection of rain that might be occur and can stop play. So there is a steel made roof which is thousand meter above from the ground. And seems it would be very difficult and impossible that the ball will fly so high that it would touch that roof.

Afrid played massive this time and going, going and going at last touches the roof and the ball drops in the center of the ground. The crowd love it to watch such highlights of a double six. Very weel done Afridi you made the crowd excited by producing such a nice maximum. It is because he also did it so many times in the practice session and now being playing live. The umpire made a cross signal over one another his arms calls for a double 12runs six. Afridi love to play very huge and high sixes as he did and tried also before starting the match. And also played many time touching the ball to the roof in the practice. Mattew Fleming trying to bowl the full length yorker, misses and bowl the low full toss and Afridi produce an ideal and a massive hit. Fleming bowls the next ball a good yorker and plays for a single.


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