Daniel Vettori 1st Over In IPL

Vettori best over

Daniel Vettori bowled the brilliant 1st over in the match to Murali Vijay. He is a real legend of cricket espacialy his spin and good line bowling point of view. This might be considered as Vettori best over ever. In this match Chennai need 206 runs to win from 20 overs. Captain Vettori bowled the first great over to Murali Vijay. He bowled the first good line delivery. Murali vijay defends it for a dot. Another dot delivery trying to play on the on side for a single but the fielder fields it and no run. Murali place the third delivery to leg side for a single.

So Faf Duplessi in now on strike. Faf also defends the fourth delivery. And takes a single on the fifth delivery. The T20 format counts espacialy  the dot balls. And vettori bowled four dots in his first over just conceded the two singles. Daniel vettori bowled the first legendary over and give just two run start to bowling side in a huge and very high run chase of over 200. He played a captain role in the game. This might be his bad luck that his bowling side does not defend 206 runs. And loses the easy match. This is happened just because of Virat kohli over.

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