Ijaz Ahmad 139 vs India

Ijaz ahmad batting

Ijaz ahmad is the legend of cricket because he played so many responsible innings. He made a century of 139runs against India. Ijaz ahmad batting often contains more sixes than fours as he was the good hitter of the ball. The opponent team had given a total of 204 runs. The off spinner bowls the leg side wide to ijaz and misses anywhere. The bowler again bowl wide on the leg stump and again on leg this time for a 4runs inside out. This is his favorite cricket shot. This time sensibly for a single.

This is a terrific shot straight up after the drinks on the first ball. Another boundary to. Again targets the spinner this time with a straight picked up short over the short long on for another boundary. This time down the wicket over the bowler head for a huge maximum. That was a magnificent short here ijaz played some sensible cricket, the first ball Chohan bowled he played defensively and on another came down the wicket and the ball went into the crowd. Then defends the last delivery for a single showing the responsibility. Again targeting left arm spinner and goes big over extra cover for six runs.


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