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A Live Match Romance - Legends Of Cricket - A televised romance
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A Live Match Romance

A televised romance

A live match romance proposed by a girl in the crowd. The live test match was going to telecast between Pakistan and India. Arshid Khan opponent team spinner was bowling to Dravid along with Sehwag on the non-striker end. That was the last delivery bowled to Dravid who defends it to long on. They were 121/1 at that time. An Indian spectator girl had a banner in her hand written I LOVE U Zaheer Khan which turned to a televised romance. As just ends the over the cameraman capture the dressing room reply. Zaheer khan just pointing with laugh towards the camera. Then the little master Sachin Tendulkar start talking to Zaheer Khan and stand up his hand with smile passing. The girl in the crowd get excited and shouted with joy. After then Zaheer Khan show interest and replied. After then the girl show more interest moving his hands in the air so Zaheer khan in reply also up his arm showing positive response.

The girl is excited more by this and passing smile continuously and the crowd like celebrating the party and  also the commentators too.Then the girl kisses her hand and giving a flying kiss dedicating to Zaheer khan. The whole dressing room players surprisingly laugh at this and waiting for the Zaheer khan reply. After a while Zaheer khan also replied the same flying kiss to her. All the situation in the ground including players are also get entertained by this. Sehwag batting on the crease also pass a smile showing a positive response. The crowd love their country legends player in which they dont feel hesitation to express spirit, love and patriotism. Thus all the crowd enjoyed and shouted with Zaheer khan reply. The total credit goes to cameraman who captured such lovable scene from a corner of huge crowd.

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